Social and Community Activity in 2015

December 31, 2015 |    1896

By collaborating with Indonesia Red Cross ("PMI"), the Company held blood donor at Jabon Slaughterhouse and Sidoarjo Feedmill. The Blood Donor is a routine activity conducted at Sidoarjo Feedmill four times a year. With this program, the employees are expected to possess social spirit to share with others. In 2015, the Company delivered social contribution in the field

of social community which manifested in donation for orphaned children, toilet building, donation of debris and firewood, groceries distribution, grass trimming in the surrounding area of Sidoarjo Feedmill which was a road towards Ploso and Wonoayu police precinct, packages distribution to the less fortunate societies as well as participated as donor for Indonesia’s independence anniversary at several villages within the Company’s operational area.

In religious field, the Company put an effort to build an individual for having spiritual quotient through donation for mosque renovation at Singasari and Sukamaju Village, West Java nearby the working area of PT Belfoods Indonesia, the Company’s subsidiary. Aside from the provision of tithe, the Company also actively participated in religious feast celebration such as providing donation and sacrificial animals to less fortunate people at Sidoarjo Feedmill (Ploso Village, Ketimang Village, West Java), several Company's Commercial Farms located in West Java and other villages in Jonggol, West Java.

In terms of education, the Company is actively involved in improvement of Indonesian children’s nutrition through the provision of health food such as eggs to underprivileged school children (Kindergarten/Playgroup, Elementary School, Madrasah Tsanawiyah, Integrated Health Post) in surrounding operational area of business unit such as Jabon Slaughterhouse as well as Commercial Farms.