Environmental CSR Activity in 2016

December 31, 2016 |    2048

The implementation of 5R as work culture (concise, orderly, sanitary, well maintained and diligent) is one of the Company’s effort to preserve the environment. All of these hard work and commitment have resulted in an award that received on June 10, 2015 for Sidoarjo Feedmill which obtained three silver medals in 2014 5R East Java Competition for three categories which were Warehouse Catagories, Production Categories and Environment Categories.

In order to support the use of material and energy which is environmental friendly and able to be recycled, the Company used husk for breeding farm which can be recycled to be a compost after the period of chicken maintenance has been completed.

Of all business unit of the Company, only Slaughterhouse and Belfoods generating waste. Therefore, these two units have Waste Water Treatment and Water Treatment that have been certified.

Regarding to the mechanism of complaints related to environmental issues, the Company has specifically appointed Human Resources and General Affair Department to receive, manage and handle every complaint related to environmental issue.