Social and Community Activity in 2016

December 31, 2016 |    2242

In 2016, the Company has conducted three activities of blood donor in Commercial Farm’ office at Lebak Wangi,  Jabon Slaughterhouse and Sidoarjo Feedmill. This program is a routine program as a collaboration with Indonesia Red Cross, aiming to encourage as well as improving humanity and employee’s social spirit to share with others.



Moreover, the Company also provided social contribution which is groceries distribution, grass trimming in the surrounding area of Sidoarjo Feedmill which was a road towards Ploso and Wonoayu’s police precinct as well as participating in funding of Independence Day activities and APBDes Budget at Ploso Village.

Other non-routine social aids among others are donation of Belfoods products for convicts at Cipinang Correctional Institution, lunch packages for widowers in Tanjung Priok as well as donation for flood victims in Bandung by Belfoods as a subsidiary of the Company.

Aside from the provision of tithe, the Company also actively participated in providing donation and sacrificial animals to less fortunate people at Sidoarjo Feedmill, such as Baiturochim Mosque at Ploso Village and Baitussalam Mosque at Ketimang Village, Balaraja Feedmill at Gembong Village, Jabon Slaughterhouse at Jabon Village, as well as by Belfoods as a subsidiary of the Company at Jonggol Sub-district, namely JAM' Al-Ittihad Mosque at Citra Indah, Al-Munawaroh Mosque, Jamie Al-Ikhlas Mosque and Jamie Nurul Hidayah Mosque.

Adequate nutrition of children at early age may affects their mental and intelligence. Therefore, the Company put an effort to improve their nutrition through donation program of healthy and nutritionist food at Integrated Health Post and Playgroup in Ciambar Village, contribution of eggs to children of Nurul Iman Elementary School and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Iwul Jabon and Elementary School in Commercial Farms’ surrounding area. In addition, the Company also provided fund and school supplies to the orphans.