The Company has consistently marketing hygienic products with proven quality of its health. This can be achieved because of the good quality control through farming system that comply with the prevailing provisions and standards to assure the availability of high quality feed, healthy animals and fresh cut meat. As a business entity which produces food, the Company ensures that all products have a high quality. The Company is constantly customer oriented and fully aware of the consumers/customers’ demand on healthy and preservation environment. Therefore, the Company strives to meet the food safety in order to enhance the consumers’ trust on the Company’s products as proven by HACCP Certification owned by the Company.

The Company also earned Halal Certification from Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) which provides assurance that the Company’s products are halal to be consumed. In order to protect consumers from disadvantages due to low quality feed, the quality control of feed is highly required to meet the quality standard. In this case, the Company has achieved the quality standard by obtaining Good Manufacturing Practices from Directorate General of Husbandry and Animal Health.

Currently, the consumers/customers are able to gain various information and submit their complaints related to Company’s products through telephone (021) 2981 9999, facsimile (021) 2981 9997, and email: