Stock Information

The Company executed Initial Public Offering (IPO) on December 27, 1996 and listed as issuer at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with “SIPD” ticker code.


 Overall Recorded Stocks and Shares from the Initial Public Offering on December 27th 1996 for 250.000.000 shares.

Conversion of Bonds on 1998.

Conversion of Bonds and Issueance of B Series Shares on 2001 for 6.506.866.083 shares.

Reversed Stock by 10 on 2004.

Issuance of Series C Shares as Debt Conversion of the Convertible Bonds and Long-Term Debt on 2005 for 8.667.321.984 shares.

Implement the Quasi-Reorganization followed by legal reorganization by reducing the nominal value of shares without reducing the number of outstanding shares (share capital decrease) on December 22nd 2009.

Implement the non preemptive rights on 2015 for 100 shares serie A, 391 shares serie B and 16 shares serie C.  This corporate action followed with reversed stock by 10.

Conduct a Preemptive Rights I on March 28th, 2016 for 399.991.679 shares series C.