Konvensi QCC Nasional Sierad Produce

December 12, 2017 |    2232

improvement of all process lines to be more efficient, effective and productive. In order to encounter such challenge, the Company launched a program named Quality Control Circle (QCC), a method in implementing 7 (seven) analysis tools through 8 (eight) phases ranging from determination of corrective theme to standardization process.

The continuous development of this program is marked by the implementation of the National QCC Convention held on Tuesday, 28 November 2017 which was attended by Group President Commissioner Mr. Husodo Angkosubroto. Previously the kick off was opened on 23 September 2017 by the President Director of the Company Mr. Terryanto Soetandar and all the Board of Directors and attended by all business unit representatives. The winners of the convention for the first winner was achieved by Small Group Activity business unit of Feedmill Sidoarjo, second place by Breeding and Hatchery business unit and third by the business unit of Slaughterhouse. The award of the trophy was handed over by Group CEO Mr. Ed Ng and witnessed by the management of the Company.

Overall, the main output of QCC implementation resulted in improvements in employee skills and morale, product and service quality, occupational safety and health, delivery and cost. The Company is optimistic with the implementation of the QCC program, can improve employee knowledge and capability, and stimulate high performance work culture in the Company.