Manufacturer of frozen and protein-processed foods PT Belfoods Indonesia (Belfoods), launches its new packaging design with the theme Fun & Happiness. The company, which has been established since 1999, is committed to bringing a pleasant atmosphere in the Indonesian family kitchen by providing quality protein foods that are quality, delicious and safe for consumption.


Along with the launch of new packaging, Belfoods is also a pioneer in the category of processed protein foods that launch packaging per 1 serving at a price of only IDR10.000. The packaging per serving is presented to answer the needs of Indonesian families to enjoy quality protein-processed foods at affordable prices with 3 categories of favourite products of Indonesian families, namely Chicken Nugget, Chicken Sausage and Chicken Meatballs.


New packaging on Belfoods products is now available in all supermarkets and shop stores throughout Indonesia starting April 2019.