PT Sierad Produce Tbk launched SUPER DOC, a new product category for broiler seeds that was designed to produce chickens with a maximum potential genetic and exceed the current expectations of farmers.


Super DOC (Day Old Chick) is produced through very tight selection, starting from the maintenance of the parent with a high level of biosecurity and the application of good breeding practices. Super DOC is a broiler seed with the highest level of quality that comes from a healthy parent stock, the age of maturity is very good.


Sierad's performance in producing broiler seeds has been recognized worldwide. In 2019 Sierad won the Top Flock Award for the Asia Pacific region from Cobb International chicken breeders.


Super DOC has enough parent stock immunity for major diseases, such as ND, AI, IBD, CAV and Reo. A minimum weight of 40 grams and a uniformity rate of 85% will guarantee the Super DOC will grow fast and hard to die!