Distributing 25.000 Food Package


Jakarta 12 May 2020 –Approaching second quarter of 2020, Corona Virus (Covid-19)still shown increment of positive suspect each day in Indonesia, although several areas have proven with zero growth.  This indirectly affected community with significant impact of among others lower power to purchase at the same time with reduced employment opportunities as the community’s main source of income.

In line with recent massage  from the President of the Republic of Indonesia on creating peace with the Corona Virus,  the nutritional intake is further become essential key to the body's immunity in preventing exposure to the virus. Upon this reason, Great Giant Foods, through subsidiaries namely PT. Great Giant Pineapple (GGP), PT SEWU SEGAR NUSANTARA (SSN) known with its flagship product SUNPRIDE, in collaboration with integrated poultry  food-based company, PT Sierad Produce Tbk (Sierad Produce), and with PT RedKendi (RedKendi), a catering marketplace company in Indonesia, jointly donate nutritious food packages to the affected communities.

The symbolic handover of this social activities was carried out on (12/5) at the Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha Budi Mulia 3 Margaguna, Jakarta Selatan, attended by Sierad Produce President Director Tommy Wattimena, GGF Corporate Affairs Director Welly Soegiono and Redkend Head of Business Development, Maela Romdoni.

On this occasion as much as 25,000 food packages were delivered to the community in need of nutrition and would be distributed to communities, and institutions at 20 points spread in Jakarta, Tangerang, Cikarang and Bekasi with a total distribution of 5 thousand food packages per day.

President Director of Sierad Produce, Tommy Wattimena said "Covid 19 has now spread wider in Indonesia. The impact of this virus has affected all aspects of our people's lives. Including the people's livelihoods, thus reducing the purchasing power and consumption of our people."

Tommy continued "Many people have been unable to buy nutritious food. This can indirectly affect the body's resistance in preventing this virus. For this reason, we as one of animal protein producer plays a role in easing the burden on the government and the community as well in those needs.



Meanwhile, Head of Business Development of Red Kendi, Maela Romdoni said "Redkendi in collaboration with GGF and Sierad Produce created the Covid 19 Program by distributing donations in the form of nutritious food packages to total 25,000 affected people in 20 locations within 5 days. In addition to provide benefit for people in need, orphans and elderly foundations, as well as medical staff, this activity also aims to help SMEs Catering player to continue their business, as they are also affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. We thanked GGF and Sierad Produce for their participation and contribution in realizing this program and hopefully this kind of collaboration can continue going forward to provide benefits to others”

On this occasion, representative from the Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha Budi Mulia 3 Margaguna expressed her appreciation and support for social activities during this crisis. "We are happy and thankful that we have been remembered and can be part of this social activity. At present there are around 300 by grandparents and of course this donation is beneficial for us. "

Sierad Produce, through Berbagi Cinta Jaga Sesamaprogram, has prepared more than 100,000 food packages to be distributed in stages in a timely manner through collaboration with various parties so that the benefit is able toreach the affected communities.  Great Giant Foods has also carried out other social activities such as GGF Peduli by providing assistance to several hospitals in Jabodetabek and Lampung in the form of fresh fruits and milk, to increase nutritional needs of the medical team assigned to several hospitals dealing with the Covid-19 virus spread. PT GGP recently gave a donation to BNPB in the form of fresh fruits and milk and PPE equipment to the Lampung Authorities.


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Indra Ardiyanto

Integration and Communications Head, Great Giant Foods



Dwiyani Arum Sasanti

Senior Manager Corporate Secretary PT Sierad Produce Tbk