Impressive Performance Through 207,69% Profit Increment


Jakarta 17 June 2020 – PT Sierad Produce Tbk (“Company”), by applying Covid-19 prevention procedures convened its General Meeting of Shareholders on Wednesday (17/6). In total 6 (six) agenda were approved through Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“Meeting”), both held of the same day.


2019 Positive Performance and 2020 Strategy

It was presented in the Meeting that the Company booked Profit of the Year amounting Rp79,7bio, increased 207,69% compare to 2018 at around Rp25,9bio with net sales of Rp4.106T increased 31,6% or equal to Rp986bio compare to 2018 net sales of Rp3.120T.


Tommy Wattimena, President Director of the Company said “This impressive performance surely came from our team hard work between management and competent employees as well as professionals in applying result oriented business strategy.   Of course we are not immediately satisfied, we will maintain momentum of growth in 2020 through a series of new innovations and market differentiation.”


Tommy Wattimena also elaborate on recent Company’s condition. Through its short presentation, he explained that during Covid-19 pandemic, the Company has recorded positive performance through first quarter revenue in 2020 amounting Rp1,15T, higher than the previous 2019 first quarter revenue of Rp928bio and profit of Rp59,2bio compare to 2019 first quarter of Rp36,6bio.

Furthermore, Tommy explained that 2020 was used by the Company to issue strategic innovations in developing its business.

“The company always try to find any business opportunity through innovation with addinitional value to the Company and its customers as well as stakeholders.  This year we succeed in applying Halal Blockchain in our Slaugther House. This innovation is a form of digital transformation on data integrity and transparency as well during the process in live bird Slaughter House hence on top of product quality, also enabling the customers to directly trace halal process from the entering the Slaughter House until the product received by them

Further the President Director also conveyed on partnership with PT Great Giant Pineapplein increasing the productivity and quality of feed through new technology in the form of pineapple natural extracts (Bromelain) that can increase chicken weight and reduce mortality. Apart from product quality, this innovation can also provide efficiency in production costs.

Not only innovating, the Company does not forget its social responsibility. Under the Program“ BerbagiCinta Jaga Sesama:, the Company has built a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) infrastructure in line with its business activities by directly helping the community during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The company has a target of distributing donations of as many as 100 thousand food packages to people who have difficulty obtaining needs during the PSBB. This humanitarian cooperation was carried out together with RedKendi, RantangHati from Wahyoo, Gojek and several other humanitarian organizations. The CSR program is not just giving but also ensuring that it benefits the beneficiary community.


Changers of Composition of The Board of Commissioners

In relation with the approval of the change in the composition of the Board of Commissioners, the Meeting agreed to appoint Mr. Theo Lekatompessy as the Independent Commissioner of the Company.

Mr. Theo Lekatompessy currently serves as an Independent Commissioner at PT HumpussIntermodaTransportasi, Tbk, PT PelayaranTempuranEmas, Tbk, and PT Cahayaputra Asa Keramik, Tbk. He is also the Chairman of the INSA Foundation (Indonesian National Shipowner's Association), Deputy Chair of the AEI (Indonesian Issuers Association), and a member of the KADIN (Chamber of Commerce for Industry) for the Benelux Committee. Upon approval of the Meeting, the composition of the Company's Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors are as follows:

Board of Commissioners



President Commissioner (Independent Commissioner) 





Sri Lestari Anwar



Setiawan Achmad

Independent Commissioner


Theo Lekatompessy


Board of Directors



President Director



Vice President Director(Independent)


Soh Ching Ker



Wayan Sumantra



Sri Sumiyarsi    

Changing of Company’s Name

Furthermore, the Meeting also approved the change in the Company's name in line with Group synergy. The new Company logo also displayed which will be used together with the new name which will be determined later by the Board of Directors and after obtaining approval from the relevant authorized agencies.

In the Meeting chaired by Mr. Antonius J Supit, it was also approved, among others, the Approval of the Annual Report and the ratification of the Financial Statements for fiscal year 2019, the allocation of general reserve funds from the total Company’s net profit for the 2019 fiscal year, the granting of authority and power of attorney to the Company's Board of Commissioners to appoint a Public Accountant for 2020, determine the remuneration of the Board of Commissioners and authorize the Board of Commissioners of the Company to determine salaries and / or other benefits for the Directors of the Company as well as to adjust the Company's Articles of Association in line with the issuance of several new regulations from the Financial Services Authority




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