The Company manages feedmills producing feed for broilers, layers, breeders, feed concentrates, quail feed, and other feeding materials. The feedmills are able to produce chicken feed in the form of flour, pellet, crumble, and expander to meet the market needs.

Swine EGP 701 Feed

Complete feed of pre-starter swine for ages 15-30 days (weight 5.5-8.5 kg).  Special feed age before weaning or early growth of piglets with complete nutritional value.

Layer K204-36 Feed

Contains energy, nutrient density, trace minerals, antioxidants, natural enzyme complex.

Layer K204 Premium Feed

Contains amino acids, feed additives and anti-stress substances. Increase egg production with lower feed intake and FCR.

Broiler B 100 Super Feed

Complete feed of pre-starter broiler for 1-3 weeks. Improve the efficiency of feed, production & quality of eggs more opti

Broiler AS 100 B Feed

Contains complete and balanced macro and micro nutrients, maintaining excellent intestinal health and enhancing immunity.

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