Director & Corporate Secretary

Indonesian Citizen, 53 years. 

She is appointed as Director since 2014 pursuant to Meeting Resolutions Deed No. 191 dated April 27, 2018. In addition, She also serves as Corporate Secretary under Board of Directors Decee No. Kep-SK/Dir/P-035/-CO/XII-16. He earned Bachelor Degree of Accounting from STIE Jakarta in 1988. Prior joining with the Company, She served as Prsident Director of PT Era Cepat Transportindo and PT Biotek Indonesia (2009 – 2013). She started her career as Accounting & Finance Staff at PT Gold Coin (1985 – 1992), and continued to PT Metro Inti Sejahtera and PT Sulindafin. She worked as Accounting & Finance Manager at PT Modern Fuji (1991 – 1993). 

She neither has affiliation with other members of Board of Commissioners and/or Board of Directors nor with the Shareholders.