Announcement To The Shareholders - AGMS 2015 


Pursuant to Article 10 Financial Service Authority Regulation Number : 32/POJK.04/2014 ?regarding to Planning and Implementation of General Meeting of Shareholders of Public Company and Article 21 clause 1 of Company's Articles of Association, it is hereby announced that The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“Meeting”)will be held in Jakarta on May 17th 2016. 


The Invitation of Meeting will be announced in 1 (one) daily newspapers in Bahasa Indonesia on April 23rd 2016. 


Those entitled to be attend and vote in Meeting dated May 17th 2016shall be the shareholders whose names are listed in the Shareholder Registry of The Company on April 22nd 2016until 16.00 West Indonesia Time. 


Each shareholders' proposal will be included into the meeting agenda if it meets to the requirements of Article 21 clause 7 of Company's Articles of Association and must be received by Board of Directors no later than 7 (seven) days prior to the Invitation Meeting. 


Bogor, April 8th 2016 

Board of Director